Bri comes with a background as an instructor in environmental education, wilderness therapy, and snowboarding.  She’s been enjoying a deeply rewarding practice in massage therapy since 2009 and is passionate about birth as a trained doula.

Bri has a Master’s degree in Mindfulness-based Transpersonal Counseling from Naropa University and is also a Meditation Instructor there. Her practice blends together a holistically integrated therapeutic approach that is nature-based, body-centered, strength-focused, and trauma-informed.  She is extremely grateful for this work and nourished by helping people find healing in their bodies, minds and souls.

Bri is currently training to become of Minister of Walking Prayer through the Center for Sacred Studies.  She aspires to provide more Spiritual Counseling by synthesizing body and earth based wisdom traditions towards healing and optimal wellbeing for individuals, families and the Earth herself.

Bri was honored to work as a therapist for the Colorado Women’s Center in Boulder for several years, where she loved helping to empower women, before moving back to her beloved San Juan Mountains in the Fall of 2021.

My story

I grew up playing outside with my friends and family in Minnesota. Having a contemplative disposition, I knew at a young age that I was meant to help people and help keep the Earth beautiful.  In high school I found inspiration in the revolutionary nature writers of the Transcendentalist movement and in college created the perfect combination of these passions by double majoring in Philosophy and Environmental Studies at Eckerd College.

My professional life started off working as an environmental education instructor for kids before doing a National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) program where we learned to guide trips in the backcountry.  This introduced me to the world of Wilderness Therapy, where I worked as a field instructor leading teenagers on trips in Southeast Alaska and Northern Minnesota.

In 2009 I went to Massage School and started practicing at the Omega Institute – a beloved community I like to think of as a sort of Eutopia/Hogwarts/Adult summer camp.  From there I took my massage career to amazing Telluride, CO for about 7 years, where I worked as a snowboard instructor as well.  I was also gifted the opportunity to do bodywork for Lizard Head Cycling Guides, an awesome gig where I enjoyed riding and working some incredible tours of the Southwest.

In 2011 I received my doula training, which opened my eyes to the social/political/spiritual/philosophical/psychological implications of birth as a sacred rite of passage.  I felt called to continue learning the Wise Woman Traditions and studied with a master herbalist/midwife in Peru, then did a year long midwifery course with the Matrona.

I carried this passion for birth while pursuing my Master’s degree in Mindfulness-Based Transpersonal Counseling at Buddhist affiliated Naropa University.  My thesis looked at using Mindfulness and EMDR therapy to prevent and treat birth trauma – essentially helping to promote a secure attachment bond between mom and baby that has a lasting imprint towards positive relationships and holistic health throughout life.

In my practice I consider myself a Transpersonal Doula – guiding and facilitating clients through uncomfortable transitions by encouraging and empowering the ability to Be with whatever the present moment brings, in order to skillfully move through it.  Ecopsychology and Ecofeminism largely inform the theory and practice of True Nature Therapeutics.

I have a strong commitment to fulfilling my highest purpose of Protecting the Sacred, and by offering my services to facilitate healing for others so that all beings may be liberated.  My daily practice and active lifestyle are what keep me nourished, balanced, and tapped into Source.

Bri relaxing in an alpine meadow filled with wildflowers
Bri meditating with a bear hat on.
Bri in tutu as bodyworker for cycling tours
Bri meditating at Druid Arch

Bri with her snowboard on Gold Hill, Telluride