Therapy Services for your

Mind, Body & Spirit

Come Home to Your True Nature 

Do you want to live a more satisfying life?

Life can be hard and seeking help can be even harder.  But no matter how bad the situation may seem, it is always workable and I wholeheartedly believe in you!  Certainly we’re all struggling with something – therapy can help.

I love supporting people towards becoming their best self!  I specialize in working with trauma, codependency and relationship issues.  My counseling services also address issues of self-esteem, anxiety, depression, grief, addiction and sexuality.

I’m trained in Gestalt, EMDR, IFS, PACT, SPT, Dreamwork, Wilderness Therapy, Meditation Instruction, Birthwork and Bodywork/Energywork. 

Take the first step towards feeling more fulfilled – reach out today!

Do you suffer from stress and back pain?

Massage therapy can help with pain management and relaxation.

Stress is the number one cause of disease, therefore massage therapy could be considered the number one cure!  We all need to slow down and unwind the nervous system for our overall healthcare and ability to thrive.

Mindful massage will help you to soften and release all that tension you’re holding and replace it with more spaciousness and vitality in your life.

Getting a body tune-up is the ultimate form of self-care that will leave you feeling balanced, restored, and feeling great so you can show up as your best self.  You deserve this!

Our True Nature is innately wise and good.

When life gets hard, therapy can help us remember and reconnect to the peace and freedom that is available in any moment.  As a trained Meditation Instructor, my approach is infused with teaching the power of mindfulness, a skill that will benefit your whole life.

I strive to put people in touch with the medicine of their own bodies’ wisdom and the natural world, using evidence-based techniques that provide support and guidance on their journeys through the ups and downs of life.

This work empowers you with tools that will help you discover a sense of purpose, fulfillment and interrelationship.  I look forward to connecting on this powerful inner journey and welcoming you home to your True Nature!